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About Us

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Pelangi Publishing Group, a leading publisher with over 40 years of publishing experience and is renowned for its academic, children and general title books. To be consistently good at what we do, we have always believed that building strong customer relationship is a strategic imperative for Pelangi Publishing Group. In line with preserving and promoting the quality of our brands, we strive to add significant value to the books we published. From ideas to creative editorial development, we work closely with all our authors and customers to develop a dynamic working relationship for our mutual growth. We want to stay connected and collaborate with our customers always.

Pelangi e-learning is a website specially developed for the English Program students (Pratomsuksa 1 to Mathayom 3). Its contents are aligned with the requirements and learning outcomes set by the Ministry of Education. Besides being a learning hub, it serves as an education portal for teachers and students to connect and collaborate, share content and access homework with each other regardless of school or location.

Pelangi e-Learning is also a useful tool for teachers. Apart from being able to connect with students, our platform also provides e-assessments. Grading papers becomes quick and effortless, with just a click of a button. The tracking and analysing of each student's performance is made easy with Pelangi e-Learning website.

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