Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. realises the importance of customer data privacy. We are pleased to inform our customers about the data privacy protection policy of regarding customer data protection and usage. Our customers are welcome to visit our website and use our services without providing their personal data unless they sign up as members and log in with their usernames and passwords. For more information or suggestions, please contact

Personal Data

With the objective of proper operation of, we will legally and ethically collect necessary personal data. The personal data that are collected are as follows:

• Name
• Phone number
• Email
• Home/school address

The above-mentioned personal data are necessary for proper operation of Without those data, the system is unable to operate completely. Users enable to choose whether to record other personal data and to reveal them to other organisations or not.

Personal Data Source

Users willingly provide their personal data to through signing up as members. Signing up on signifies that users have accepted our conditions and allow the system to collect, use and reveal their personal data according to the objectives of data collection.

Objectives of Personal Data Collection collects users’ personal data for data analysis and assessment for developing the website, products and services.

Collection, Usage or Revelation of Personal Data do not sell or transfer users’ personal data provided on the website unless:

1. We receive users’ permission to reveal their data.
2. There are legal requests from government agencies.
3. Related third party such as system developers and website administrators can access the data.

Whenever we hire a third party to operate our system on behalf of us, the third party is also required to comply with our data privacy protection policy. In case of data revelation to the public, we will ask for permission from our users first.

Personal Data Protection and Duration

We will strictly maintain the security standards for data protection to prevent damages or unpermitted access to users’ personal data.

Cautions :
Users are the only persons who get access to our website with their passwords. Therefore, username and password must be kept completely confidential. Above all, logging out before exiting the website must be done. Since there is no complete security system for data transfer on the internet, we are unable to guarantee the security of data sending and receiving. However, we will do our best to secure our users’ data when they are being transferred.

Data Owner Rights

Whenever users visit the website, our server will automatically record the data from their browser. The recorded data are as follows:

• IP address;
• Type of browser accessing the website;
• Webpages they visited;
• Website of Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; and
• Visit duration, browsed data on the website, and date and time you visit the website.

Data Owner Rights

Users are allowed to contact to file an appeal according to the data owner rights without charge. The result of the appeal will be informed within 30 days. In case of data leakage, users will be notified within 72 hours.

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If you have any complaints or suggestions about our data privacy protection policy, please contact