What kinds of books and media are suitable for your children’s age?

What kinds of books and media are suitable for your children’s age?

We know how much parents love their children.
We know that all parents want to encourage and develop their children according to their development or beyond development.
Children of different ages are obviously different. Therefore, media provided for children are different depending on children’s ages.

0-1 year old


The age that attaches to mother –babies at this age love their mother so much that they want to be with their mother all the time. Although they are together, babies will cry if their mother turns her back on them. They feel safe when they see their mother. The first person babies find after waking up is their mother as if they only have their eyes for her. At this age, babies are very energetic, even though they spend most of the time laying on a mattress. Babies not only stare and follow what they see with their eyes, but they can also move their hands and legs according to their feelings to make other people perceive their existence. When Babies begin to sit, they will close their hands acting like they are throwing a tantrum. In fact, they still cannot move their small muscles, but they move with the assistance of large muscles. When babies begin to crawl, they will crawl to grab and touch things so their brain will memorise how the things feel and how their shapes look like. 

Books and media that are right for the age of 0-1.

Babies’ friendly things like toys, especially toys that make sounds will comfort babies. Some toys, such as a mobile, can be hung where babies can easily see because it helps develop their visual perception. Prioritise safety by choosing media that are soft and harmless to babies’ skin. Also, choose media with various textures which allow babies to learn and compare different textures. Their brain will process the feelings received from touching the textures and they will know whether they like it or not. On the other hand, if babies get to touch the same texture until they grow, their brain will perceive only one thing. Furthermore, it’s important for media to be durable since babies at this age like to test the durability of media by throwing them or use them as physical training. The other durability testing that is easy and popular among babies is to put things in their mouth. Therefore, waterproof media, for example, Bath Books are also a good choice.

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1 year old


The age that has high self-esteem – At this age, toddlers like to explore and imitate. Grab the phone and prepare to record the touching moment when toddlers start to call their mom and dad. One-year-old toddlers begin to toddle by holding onto the baby fence for support. Sometimes, they climb the stairs because they like to hold onto the railings on the stairs. Instead of wondering why toddlers like to do so, try building safety railings for them to practice their walk and a little gymnast may be discovered. Toddlers at this age begin to explore and compare different things, they often snatch whatever they see out of curiosity or even snatch things in other people’s hands to see what the things are.   

Books and media that are right for the age of 1.

Media that are suitable for one-year-old toddlers should have different sizes which allow toddlers to explore by pushing or pulling in and out. Or Flip-Flap books that provide parts for toddlers to flip and flap or find the hidden parts. Flip-Flap books are dimensional which allow toddlers to play with as they are reading. Also, it’s good for this age to learn languages, many families talk to their toddlers both in Thai and English. Try talking to toddlers through Flashcards or attach posters within their view or around them so that they can see the words on the posters everywhere they go. This way of learning is known as Whole Language.  

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2 years old


The age that changes from being an explorer to an experimenter– known asTerrible Twos. Children at this age are self-confident and seem to oppose everything adults say to them, that’s why this age is called an opposer who always says “No” to everything. Many parents find that when their children say “No”, they will notice their parents’ reaction and laugh at it. Two-year-old children have mood swings. However, they like to be admired and will become more obedient if adults admire them. At this age, children can walk and run very well. They often test their physical ability by running. They like playing outdoors, especially playing with a ball and they will be more excited to meet friends of the same age.

Books and media that are right for the age of 2.

Children at this age can barely stay still, they like to run about, climb or jump. So, media that are suitable for this age should contain music and have big sizes such as a rocking horse. Or books with repetitive words that are fun and attract children to read and repeat. Books that provide collage activity are also recommended since children are now able to differentiate colours so teaching of colours is the basic learning that is important for this age. If there is no teaching of colours in children at this age, after they reach the age when they are capable of perceiving colours, there will be certain difficulties during a colour blindness test. At 4 years of age, if children are still unable to differentiate colours, they may need to see an ophthalmologist. Children at this age are able to point at things according to adults’ order or point to tell what the words or answers are.

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3 years old


The age that is able to understand and reply – Children at this age have strong bodies and strong large muscles. They can stand on one leg for 3 to 5 seconds. They can have a conversation and understand how to do certain things systematically, for example turning a page, building and placing blocks vertically. This age is known as the age of learning because children tend to question constantly. Due to children’s endless repetition of “why?”, many scholars state that it is the “Why” phase when children are interested in everything around them. Many children start school at this age because they are physically, emotionally, and socially ready for school. While going through the “why” phase, if schools have strict rules that cause children to have lack of confidence to ask, it would be really unfortunate to miss many incredible questions.  

Books and media that are right for the age of 3.

Favourite media of all time for children at this age is building blocks. Building blocks provide children opportunities to think more complicatedly, for instance, they try to place the blocks higher. Also, building blocks can be used as a potential test. Children at this age like to doodle, they enjoy writing, drawing, colouring and cutting. They are interested in eating as well. Books that suit three-year-old children are vocabulary books or books that encourage them to think simply. 

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4 years old


The age that is imaginative – mostly expressed through role playing. The more friends take part in, the more fun role playing is. While children are role playing together, they are not only sharing words or their experiences but the joy that occurs during the role play enables their brain to learn more efficiently. This is truly the phase of social skills development. Four-year-old children have strong bodies, they can control their bodies as they wish. For example, while running, they can stop anytime they want or turn without stopping.

Books and media that are right for the age of 4.

Media that suit four-year-old children are imaginary tales that children always repeatedly ask adults to read for them. Children’s brains will memorise the stories and customise their own imagination according to the stories, then convey it. Stories that promote good behaviours are also highly recommended because children at this age become more social, so it is necessary for them to understand rules and rights for coexistence. Also, fables can be used as media to gradually connect children in an imaginary world to the real world. At this age, children have stronger fine motor skills so books that provide games or activities which allow children to grip a pencil and practice doodling are really good for them.

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5 years old


The age that is energetic – able to run around and do outdoor activities for a long time. Children at this age have strong bodies so they like to do activities that require energy such as running, playing, climbing, kicking, punching or jumping. Five-year-old children are known to be competitive. They like sports as well as playing with objects. Besides, listening to music is also their favourite. At this age, children can catch up with adults’ stories. They are confident when thinking or asking. They are willing to study and have better control over feelings when they are with others. They know that they have to follow an agreement and be less self-centred.

Books and media that are right for the age of 5.

Recommended media for five-year-old children are books with adventure stories, fictions, activity books that provide practice of thinking, experiment or collage. Also, books that allow children to try inventing things. Or non-fiction books that contain stories relating to the world. Educational games or board games are also challenging for children. Practice books or drawing books that contain their favourite superheroes or characters are also recommended.

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6 years old

Little Writer

The age that is placid – At this age, children prefer to sit still drawing or writing on their own. They are interested in texts or drawing that requires more detail. Six-year-old children like brain exercises or challenging activities. When they face a problem, they will solve the problem by various trials and errors. Children at this age have good memory, they can remember more than two things simultaneously, for example, they can memorise a song and its dance steps. Moreover, they enjoy writing simple words and begin to tell their own story through texts or drawings.

Books and media that are right for the age of 6.

The types of books that guide children to prepare for many aspects of life. Or fables with not-too-stressful knowledge will make children feel like they are growing up. Problem solving books are also recommended.

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7 years old

Little Reader

The age that is capable of reading and writing – It is more challenging for children at this age to improve their writing and reading skills. Reading allows children to practice what they have learned. They can also combine letters and vowels to see how the combined words between letters and vowels are pronounced and how they lead to many stories which become new knowledge. Reading can lead children to the world where they can learn anything by themselves, which makes them even happier and more excited because they can choose any stories they want unlike when they are younger that adults have to read for them.

Books and media that are right for the age of 7.

Books that allow children to practice reading, especially books that are fun or contain situations relating to them.

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Khattiyada Chaiyo, Ed.D.

Khattiyada received her doctorate in Education from the University of Northern Philippines.

She believes storybooks can help children relate difficult topics to the learning content and understand them better.

At present, she works as a managing editor at Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Suthasinee Chuawongkorkerd

Suthasinee graduated from Naresuan University with a bachelor’s degree of Arts, Communication program.

She now works as an editorial staff at Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.